synaesthesiax  =  Turning Music Into Light

Welcome to synaesthesiax's first web presence. 

If you've stumbled upon this, you might wonder what this strange word means.  Well, first off, please note the way we say it:   sin - us - these - e - axe

Our name comes from the word synaesthesia (synesthesia = the American spelling).

This word relates to a bizarre phenomenon known to affect certain people in their brains.   (

Those people with synaesthesia are known as synaesthetes,  and some of these people can SEE SOUNDS and HEAR COLORS!

We @ synaesthesiax strive to take in our surroundings and re-create for others the lighting representation of those surroundings.  Be it music, or vibes, we will turn whatever you want (ANYTHING and EVERYTHING) into light.
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